Our pioneer Mesenchymal Stem Cells complete solution: from bench to bedside !

MSC4all Platform : the Origin

Based on strong scientific expertise, we have focused all our resources in the up-scale of the manufacturing process while increasing characterization of cells.


Using our combined Cellprocess & Cellanalytics Platforms, we raised the challenge to affordable human MSCs from RUO grade (Research Use Only) to GMP clinical grade (Good Manufacturing Process).


Cells from 1 Adipose tissue donation


Cells per Batch


cost reduction

As an MSC-based Drug Developer, you need the best quality of high volume of MSCs.


As an MSC-expert CDMO player, we are the right Partner to provide world-class of full-qualified MSC Products including customized regulatory assistance from cell sourcing to dossier authoring services.

The complete MSC portfolio


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