With our expertise and technologies, we are dedicated to supporting the development and production of innovative cell-based therapies that have the potential to transform patient care.

Expertise in T Cell Manufacturing

At Cell Easy, T cell manufacturing is one of our core verticals. With over 5 years of experience bringing projects to clinical phase, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your specific T cell manufacturing needs. What sets us apart is our strong connection with clinicians. This advantage enables us to ease access to patient cohorts, a major pain point for biotech companies seeking to initiate CAR-T clinical trials.

Analytics testing

Advanced Technologies

We leverage advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards in T cell manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art facilities include closed systems such as CliniMACS Prodigy and Cocoon® Platform. These cutting-edge platforms streamline the manufacturing process, enabling efficient and controlled production of T cells for your therapeutic applications.

Potency assays serve as the foundation for understanding a therapeutic's activity, allowing us to make informed decisions throughout the development and manufacturing processes. By implementing potency assays early in the development program, we can efficiently assess the therapeutic's biological activity, enabling us to fine-tune and optimize the manufacturing campaign as needed. Properly validated potency assays not only ensure consistent product quality but also facilitate data-driven decision-making during the clinical development phase. Our team at Cell Easy has amassed five years of experience in developing and executing potency assays for various cell therapies. We offer a comprehensive range of safety and potency assays, including binding assays such as ELISA to verify target binding and in vitro activity assays.

Quality Commitment and Compliance

We are committed to upholding the highest levels of quality and compliance in T cell-based therapies. Our processes adhere to the rigorous standards set by regulatory authorities including the International Council for Harmonisation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (in progress), and the European Medicines Agency. Each batch undergoes thorough review and release by our Qualified Person (QP), ensuring that all processes are strictly implemented and followed to guarantee the safety and efficacy of the manufactured T cells.

Benefits for Clients

By choosing Cell Easy as your partner in T cell manufacturing, you unlock a range of benefits:

  • Access to clinicians: Our strong network of hospitals in France and collaborations with renowned clinicians facilitate patient enrollment for your clinical trials, streamlining the recruitment process and accelerating the advancement of your cell therapies.
  • Flexibility in cleanroom availability: We understand that project needs may vary. With our flexible cleanroom availability, we can accommodate your specific manufacturing requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient production process.
  • Expertise with closed systems: Our team has extensive experience working with closed systems, including the Prodigy platform. These closed systems offer precise control over T cell manufacturing, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring consistent and reproducible results.


At Cell Easy, we are committed to advancing the field of T cell manufacturing for advanced cell therapies. With our expertise, advanced technologies, and dedication to quality, we are your trusted partner in bringing your cell-based therapies to life. Contact us now to start the conversation and explore the possibilities of collaboration.


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