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A Science-driven CDMO fully specialized in Cell Therapy

Cell-Easy provides SCIENCE-focused services with high vigilance on Timelines and Budgets.

Discuss your inquiries and challenges with our team of Scientific, CMC, and Regulatory experts to gain a better understanding of your project’s pathway – no cost, no commitment

CDMAO, an insider's look at CDMO

Alliance - ATMP - Art of manufacturing

  • Alliance: Securing your ATMP program through ongoing CMC and Regulatory support.
  • ATMP expert: Addressing scientific challenges related to your Cell-based product (engineered or not): T-Cells, NK-Cells, Dendritic Cells, Macrophages, Stem-Cells…
  •  Art of Manufacturing: Mastering critical process parameters to give better chance to your ATMP.

CDMAO, an insider's look at CDMO

CDMO Services portfolio for ATMPs


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