Cell Therapy CDMO for cell-based products

A Science-driven CDMO fully specialized in Cell Therapy

Cell-Easy provides SCIENCE-focused services with high vigilance on Timelines and Budgets.

Find out how our CMC and Regulatory consulting support meets your need for GMP compliance.

CDMAO, an insider's look at CDMO

Alliance - ATMP - Art of manufacturing

  • Alliance: Securing your ATMP program through ongoing CMC and Regulatory support.
  • ATMP expert: Addressing scientific challenges related to your Cell-based product (engineered or not): T-Cells, NK-Cells, Dendritic Cells, Macrophages, Stem-Cells…
  •  Art of Manufacturing: Mastering aseptic operations to give better chance to your ATMP.

CDMAO, an insider's look at CDMO

CDMO Services portfolio for ATMPs


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