Cell-based therapies are not conventional drugs, they are living drugs
...requiring cutting-edge expertise in Cell Biology

The European Cell Therapy CDMO Specializing in Advanced Cell Process and Analytics.

- Benefit from 300+ cumulated years of cell culture experience;
- Beyond technological expertise, rely on our know-how to guarantee aseptic practices.;
- Leverage on our knowledge on Adherent, non-Adherent cell types, engineered or not.

- Our multi-disciplinary team helps to meet VARIABILITY inherent to living drugs and RIGIDITY of GMP practices.
- We support you from concept to First-in-Human and beyond;

- Pick the best practices and leave the superfluous behind;
- Co-define a credible roadmap;
- Anticipate Risks and Gaps to fill before cGMP implementation

- Accelerate your Process Development/Scale-up;
- Improve your ATMP characterization;
- Access expertise/knowledge on 50+ different technologies;
- Benefits from pre-established commercial relationships with our providers;

- Beyond agreements (NDA, MSA, QTA) our internal confidential policy protect your industrial secret;
- As a fee for service CDMO, no IP is shared and all documentations/productions is Yours;
- Access to a dedicated Project Manager

- Your challenges are our challenges;
- Communication and Collaboration are keys in the success of your project;
- You are entitled to total transparency through weekly meetings;
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Cell types: T-Cells, NK-Cells, iPS Cells, MSCs, immortalized cell lines
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