Accelerating Patient Access to Advanced Cell-based Therapies through the Signature of a Service Agreement between the French CDMO and the Toulouse University Hospital (CHU Toulouse)

Toulouse, France, April 18, 2024 – This agreement between the two parties opens great perspectives for Biotechs, providing them with seamless access to patients who will benefit from innovative cell therapy products.


In the race to offer promising new cell-based therapies for unmet medical needs, the French Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Cell-Easy makes available its GMP manufacturing capabilities to create a cluster of local Point-of-Care sites.

This represents a great opportunity for Biotechs and Pharmas looking for new centers of investigation, and more importantly, an additional chance for patients waiting for new therapeutic options.


Thanks to its Clinical Center of Investigation in BioTherapy (CIC-BT), CHU Toulouse stands as a pioneering player in Cell Therapy within France.

As life expectancy increases, so does the number of patients suffering from incurable diseases. Local hospitals have been diligently investigating novel therapeutic solutions among these patients. Meanwhile, Biotech and local R&D centers are developing therapies that are increasingly innovative, but also increasingly complex to produce and advance to clinical stage.

The Toulouse-based CDMO Cell-Easy, an expert in the development and clinical-grade production of cell drug products, was identified as a critical link in this value chain.

In practical terms, the recent agreement between the two partners will :

  • facilitate access to patient cohorts necessary for clinical trials
  • speed up the lengthy administrative and legal procedures associated with clinical trials.
  • Improve the likelihood of success of clinical studies, by involving expert CGT (Cell & Gene Therapy) players.

This alliance consolidates Cell-Easy's position as a major player in Biotherapy in France and beyond. Our state-of-the-art facility and the highly experienced team give great opportunities for Biotechs & Pharmas developers.

About Cell-Easy

Cell-Easy is a science-centric CDMO specialized on advanced Cell Therapies.

Cell-Easy offers a broad range of Services, including Process and Analytical development, GMP manufacturing and CMC/Regulatory support for global  Biotechs & Pharmas.

The scientific team and QbD approach enable seamless technology transfer and development for cell-based therapies in the fields of oncology, autoimmune diseases and regenerative medicine (T cells, NK cells, Macrophages, MSCs, HSCs and exosomes)

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About CHU Toulouse

With +300.000 patients per year and 16000 employees, the CHU Toulouse is the 4th largest hospital in France. In partnership with the Toulouse Faculty of Health, the CHU contributes to the continuous improvement of care through extensive research and innovation.


About CIC-BT

The CIC-BT is an academic organization supporting researchers and companies developing Cell, Gene and Molecular therapies, from preclinical to late clinical phases in cardiovascular, digestive pathologies, in geriatrics and pediatrics, as well as translational research.