Alone we go faster, TOGETHER we go further !

The challenges are obviously technical and scientific, but they are definitely medico-economic. Therefore, developing cell-based therapies involve mastering technical, scientific, industrial manufacturing and regulatory constraints.

Mutualization of skills is essential in a field where the complexity of the issues is predominant.

This translates among other things into :

    • One clear, detailed and unambiguous proposal
    • A Technology Transfer driven by Communication, Co-working and Go/NoGo de-risking approach
    • A constant flexibility in integrating unforeseen complementary studies, without necessarily contracting “Change of scope” Proposal
    • A risk sharing to ensure successful target achievement


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In pharmaceutical industry, the field of Cell Therapy is certainly the most complex in terms of both regulatory requirements and “Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls” (CMC).
Cell-based Products are living Drugs. That’s why it’s crucial to fully understand all aspects of the clinical development of ATMPs from start to finish.

At Cell-Easy, our multi-disciplinary teams focus on SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGIES to propose solutions that meet product specifications and regulatory standards.

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Because Process is nothing without Analytics, our R&D Team provide tailored analytical plan ranging into SAFETY, IDENTITY and POTENCY passports.

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ATMP is not conventional Drug Product

Unlike all other therapeutic products, cell-based products are considerably more complex to manufacture. In cell therapy, the PRODUCT is the PROCESS and the PROCESS is the PRODUCT !

It is essential to master the Art of aseptic manufacturing as ATMPs cannot undergo terminal sterilization.


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